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THE ICON: Suzanne Mestayer

THE LEGACY: As the leader of a New Orleans firm specializing in financial advising and wealth management, Suzanne Mestayer rose to the top of her profession. But what makes her such an important figure in the New Orleans story is the manner in which she has paved the way for other women to succeed. She has done so not only by offering herself as an example of success and community service, but also by producing research that demonstrates how companies with more women in executive positions and on boards outperform corporations with few or no women in leadership positions. New Orleans history is filled with strong women in starring and supporting roles. Mestayer has made sure that New Orleans’ future is filled with women in executive offices and boardrooms as well.

THE ARTIST: Alexandra Kilburn

THE INSPIRATION: “The more women at the top, the more it increases the believability of younger women that they can go up that ladder. — Suzanne Mestayer, in a video interview with IR Magazine