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Project Description

THE ICON: Sister Stanislaus Malone

THE LEGACY: She was known as “the nun with a gun” — a nickname that dated to her decision to hide the gun of a wounded participant in a duel — and honestly, if that’s all she had done, it probably would have been enough to earn her a spot in New Orleans’ colorful history. But Sister Stanislaus Malone did a whole lot more. Balancing a no-nonsense leadership style with inherent compassion, she would over the course of 65 years help bring Charity Hospital into the 20th century and expand the hospital’s school of nursing, all while ministering to the sick and needy of the city through outbreaks of the flu, yellow fever and bubonic plague. In the process, Sister Stanislaus earned another name for herself: New Orleans’ very own angel of mercy.

THE ARTIST: Alex Kilburn,

THE INSPIRATION: “Don’t bother me, boy. I can’t stop. I’m on my way to take care of a sick man.” — Sister Stanislaus Malone, to a reporter asking about her honorary degree from Loyola University in 1936