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Project Description

THE ICON: Sharon Litwin

THE LEGACY: In her half-century in New Orleans, British-born Sharon Litwin latched on to all things New Orleans with a passion, and she was determined to share all the marvels she was finding in her adoptive home with as many people as possible. After stints as a television producer and newspaper reporter, Litwin went on to be assistant director of the New Orleans Museum of Art, as well as executive director — and, later, senior vice president for external affairs — of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. In her hours after work, she was president of the Contemporary Arts Center and the Committee of 21, which was formed to elect more women to office, and she helped found the Crescent City Farmers Market. In summing up her impact, Richard McCarthy IV, another founder of the farmers market, said that if something about New Orleans made people smile, chances are that Litwin was behind it.

THE ARTIST: Saegan Swanson

THE INSPIRATION: “The arts, the music, the food — everything about New Orleans was what Sharon loved, and that was the essence of her life. She just had a knack for taking a spin on something and making it great if it had something to do with the culture of this city.” — Jackie Sullivan, a longtime friend of Sharon Litwin