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Project Description

THE ICON: Dr. Sara T. Mayo

THE LEGACY: In 1905, when New Orleans clinics barred women from practicing medicine, Dr. Sara T. Mayo and seven other female physicians started their own: the New Orleans Hospital and Dispensary for Women and Children, where an all-female staff offered free treatment for the city’s poor. Mayo not only practiced medicine but also stayed busy raising money to run the clinic, which was supported with donations from private sources as well as city and state funding. She also served on committees to fight diseases such as tuberculosis. Mayo kept up her busy schedule — and kept healing those who might otherwise fall through the cracks — until she died at age 60.

THE ARTIST: Seagan Swanson

THE INSPIRATION: “Her cheery smile, hopeful words, great skill and greater heart have proved a boon to untold thousands of women who, through her ministrations, have been lifted out of a condition of pain and disease into health again. She gave unstintingly not only of her skill, but of her heart.” — A resolution passed by the board of the New Orleans Hospital and Dispensary for Women and Children after Mayo’s death.