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Project Description

THE ICON: Ruthie Frierson

THE LEGACY: Ruthie Frierson was always an enthusiastic New Orleanian, as a successful real estate agent and as a volunteer engaged in myriad causes to improve the city she loves. But Hurricane Katrina’s devastation presented a challenge of a different magnitude. After seeing that a move to reform Louisiana’s fractured network of levee boards was languishing in Baton Rouge, Frierson set up a group to make change happen. In addition to holding legislators’ feet to the fire on that issue — and pushing for one Orleans Parish assessor’s office while they were at it — Frierson’s Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans embodied what would become a post-Katrina wave of activism, fighting the good fight and inspiring others to follow suit.

THE ARTIST: Saegan Swanson

THE INSPIRATION: “I went from mourning to rage to hope through action. It brought a renewed sense of hope at a time of total despair.” — Ruthie Frierson, on her emotional journey after Hurricane Katrina