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Project Description

THE ICON: Gen. Russel Honore

THE LEGACY:In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as water was lapping at rooftops and outsiders were writing off the city as irreparable, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore came to the city’s rescue. Leading the 82nd Airborne and the 1st Cavalry, Honore guided New Orleans’ first and most important step toward recovery: He helped evacuate the stranded, and he helped bring calm to a city desperate for order and direction. As tough and as no-nonsense as the native Louisianian was, his love and respect for the people of New Orleans shined through.  “I felt that I knew the people affected,” he said two years later, “if not personally, a kinship connection.”

THE ARTIST: Jeff Morgan,

THE INSPIRATION: “It’s best to tell the truth, because if you don’t, it will come back and have some negative effects on you. So I think those are key in operating in a crisis with people around you that are tired, people who sometime don’t know where their families are, as was the case of Katrina. I think if we do that more in government and in our communities, we would get a lot more done.” — Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, speaking to NPR in August 2007