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Project Description

THE ICON: Robert H. Boh

THE LEGACY: There are a lot of people who helped build New Orleans. Few of them, however, have done so in a more literal way than Robert H. Boh. In addition to his litany of civic causes, Boh led his family’s namesake company through much of the second half of the 20th century, overseeing it as it diligently laid down the city’s infrastructure — in the process touching the lives of every New Orleanian. If you’ve ever driven over the Crescent City Connection or the I-10 High Rise, traveled on the Pontchartrain Expressway or West Bank Expressway, or even rooted on the Saints in the Superdome, you’ve utilized the work of Robert Boh. He was, in short, a builder — and New Orleans was his magnum opus.

THE ARTIST: Michael McManus,

THE INSPIRATION: “A lot of the stuff they build is not romantic, but it’s the stuff that makes the infrastructure function.” — Robert Bruce Jr., a longtime friend of Robert H. Boh, in 2017