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Project Description

THE ICON: Quint Davis

THE LEGACY: Drawing on contacts developed during a half-century immersion in music from his native New Orleans and around the world, Quint Davis is the mastermind behind the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, an annual extravaganza that draws hundreds of thousands to the city each spring and which has an annual economic impact estimated at $300 million. In addition to all that, he is the CEO of Festival Productions Inc.-New Orleans, which also produces Bayou Country Superfest and which for years produced Essence Music Festival, solidifying Davis as one of the most influential figures on the New Orleans music scene — and a guy who knows how to throw one heck of a party, to boot.

THE ARTIST: Sean Randall, WhereYart.net

THE INSPIRATION: “A festival is a living, breathing thing, and it is what it is based on the people who come. The people give it life, they give the music life, and the festival takes on a life of its own.” — Davis, in a 2010 interview with New Orleans magazine