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THE ICON: Peter Finney

THE LEGACY: Doing the same thing for a long period of time doesn’t really take much. Just a little desire and a lot of luck. But to do it as long as Pete Finney did and as well as he did — well, that takes something special, which is what Finney was to generations of New Orleans sports fans. For 68 years as a sports reporter and columnist, Finney covered every major sporting event in the city — and countless minor ones — from Super Bowls to prizefights to the awarding of a certain black-and-gold NFL team. What’s more, he did it without snark or venom. Instead, knowledge, congeniality and eloquence were his trademarks, qualities that would propel Pete Finney to the forefront of his profession and into the sports-loving hearts of an entire city.

THE ARTIST: Alex Kilburn,

THE INSPIRATION: “All I do is write. I’ve never felt like I’ve had to work a day in my life.” — Peter Finney, upon being named to the Loyola University School of Mass Communications’ Den of Distinction in 2013