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Project Description

THE ICON: Peggy Scott Laborde

THE LEGACY: When she was a junior at Cabrini High School, Peggy Ann Scott wrote a column about “Nifty Things to do in New Orleans” for the school newspaper. Her fascination with all things Crescent City didn’t stop with graduation in 1971. Scott — now Peggy Scott Laborde — has spent four decades mining the city’s past for a torrent of nostalgia-tinged books and documentaries, in addition to presiding over “Steppin’ Out,” WYES-TV’s weekly guide to local entertainment; and, with her husband, Errol Laborde, and Dr. Stephen Hales, covering the Rex and Comus balls. In short, she’s forged a career out of loving New Orleans — and passing on that love to countless others.

THE ARTIST: Seagan Swanson

THE INSPIRATION: “Documenting the Crescent City is Laborde’s passion, her pleasure, her life’s work. Seeking out familiar faces and just-folks with stories to tell and unearthing vintage photographs and surprising snippets of history-on-film have become her stock-in-trade. The … video collage style not only conjures up what was but illuminates it as well.” — David Cuthbert, writing about Peggy Scott Laborde’s work, in The Times-Picayune on Nov. 7, 1999