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Project Description

THE ICON: Patrick Comer

THE LEGACY: Comer’s leadership in New Orleans’ post-Katrina entrepreneurial fervor started in 2010 with the founding of Federated Sample, an online firm that gave marketing and advertising firms easy access to large pools of survey takers. Business boomed, and the company acquired a new name: Lucid. In addition to building his business, Comer works with other relative newcomers to swap ideas and see what they can do to ensure that this growth continues. Last year, Comer not only announced the successful completion of a $60 million fundraising drive but also said it planned to hire 100 people.

THE ARTIST: Jeff Morgan,

THE INSPIRATION: “New Orleans is becoming a hot-bed for entrepreneurial activity and I intend to contribute to the growing start-up energy here. In NOLA, your professional development contributes immediately back to community. What a tremendous feeling!” — Patrick Comer