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Project Description

THE ICON: Patricia Gay

THE LEGACY: Patricia Gay’s passion for preservation grew out of her experience as a volunteer with the Junior League in the early 1970s, when members of the service organization were becoming concerned about the rampant demolition of the city’s historic buildings. She was drawn into that movement, and she not only helped launch the Preservation Resource Center in 1974 but also became the co-editor (with Dana Williams) of Preservation Press, the forerunner of Preservation in Print, when it debuted in 1975. She was named executive director five years later. During her 37-year tenure, Gay not only became an expert on the ins and outs of financing preservation but also worked to show that preservation means more than saving the grand buildings in the French Quarter and Garden District. “In the early days, no one dared imagine what could become of the PRC or the historic preservation movement,” Gay said in a Preservation in Print interview. “I’m so proud of all of it. There are many, many people to thank for the progress we’ve made.”

THE ARTIST: Saegan Swanson

THE INSPIRATION: “Patty is one of the country’s strongest voices for preservation in the broadest sense. She knows all of the facts and figures, as well as the human side. She has been tireless in seeking solutions that benefit both old houses and celebrate those who built, live and work in the historic fabric of the New Orleans. It’s hard to imagine how the city would be without her years of insight and tireless action.” — local preservationist Camille Strachan, quoted in Preservation in Print magazine