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Project Description

THE ICON: Dr. Norman McSwain

THE LEGACY: Dr. Norman McSwain was born in Alabama but relocated to New Orleans in 1978 after medical school so he could work at Charity Hospital, which he considered one of the most important trauma centers in the country — and, more importantly, a place where he could make a difference. That’s exactly what he did, too, over the course of a decades-long career that saw him create the city’s emergency medical services system and earn international renown as a trauma physician. Emphasizing immediate treatment of victims of gunshots, stabbings, car accidents and other life-threatening injuries, his methods have become the global standard for trauma care outside of hospitals. They’ve also been taught to more than 500,000 people in 45 countries, helping to save countless lives in New Orleans and around the world.

THE ARTIST: Michael McManus

THE INSPIRATION: “What have you done today for the good of mankind?” — Dr. Norman McSwain, in his traditional telephone greeting