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Project Description

THE ICON: Nash Roberts

THE LEGACY: Walter Cronkite may have been the most trusted man in America, but in New Orleans, few people — if any — were ever more trusted than Nash Roberts, who for 50 years reigned as the city’s weather guru. That’s because he, simply, knew his stuff. Better than anybody, in fact. He proved it time and again in correctly predicting the paths of Hurricanes Audrey, Betsy, Camille and any number of other storms. In the process, the authoritative Roberts — with his paper map, his magic marker and his grandfatherly air — became a New Orleans legend, and the entire city learned the single-most important question to ask during hurricane season: “What’d Nash say?”

THE ARTIST: Gabriel Flores,

THE INSPIRATION: “I think Nash wasn’t afraid to fail. He trusted his instincts and he just followed his gut. I think that’s what people remember him for. He was just a man who was a giant of the industry.” — Retired New Orleans meteorologist Bob Breck, in 2010