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Project Description

THE ICON: Marion Abramson

THE LEGACY: She might not have known a lot about the nuts-and-bolts of the then-new technology of television. But as a longtime civic volunteer, with a particular interest in public education, Marion Abramson recognized its potential for broadening the minds of viewers in her native New Orleans. And, so, against all odds, and in the face of no small amount of static, she set about working to establish what would become WYES, New Orleans’ third television station — after WDSUand WJMR (later redubbed WVUE) — and the first dedicated solely to educational programming. When it went on the air on April 1, 1957, it marked the culmination of three and half years of planning and fundraising, spearheaded largely by Abramson, who served as the first chair of the foundation created to establish it. It also stood as an example of one of the core beliefs that drove her years of volunteering, as expressed in a 1952 interview: “You must improve your city constantly, just as you try to improve yourself.”

THE ARTIST: Connie Kittok

THE INSPIRATION: “From kindergarten to the graduate schools of our great universities, she worked untiringly to bring quality education to Louisiana.” — Louisiana Superintendent of Education William J. Dodd, speaking of Marion Abramson in 1967