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Project Description

THE ICON: Margaret Haughery

THE LEGACY: When Margaret Haughery died in 1882 at the age of 69, the headline on her front-page obituary in The Daily Picayune consisted of but one word: “Margaret.” She was that well-known, and that beloved, after decades of caring for the orphaned, the overlooked and the underprivileged people of New Orleans, with her bakery on New Levee Street (now South Peters Street) providing funding and food for her good works. That earned her nickname “the Bread Woman of New Orleans,” as well as a statue at the corner of Camp and Prytania streets — not to mention the enduring affection of an entire city.

THE ARTIST: D. Lammie Hanson,

THE INSPIRATION: “She never had upon her hand a kid glove, and she never wore a silk dress, though she earned by hard labor many thousands of dollars. But no woman has been borne to the tomb within the limits of New Orleans who was more generally respected and loved.” — The Daily Picayune, Feb. 12, 1882, upon the death of Margaret Haughery