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Project Description

THE ICON: Louis Charles Roudanez

THE LEGACY: By training, Louis Charles Roudanez was a healer, having studied medicine at the University of Paris and returning home to establish a thriving medical practice in New Orleans. But he was also a thinker, as well as a man of action. And so, in 1864, Roudanez — a French-speaking Creole — founded The New Orleans Tribune, which would make history as the nation’s first black-owned daily newspaper, and which would become a platform for African-American thinkers of the day. Covering such issues as universal suffrage, labor rights and Reconstruction politics, Roudanez’s paper — stories from which were carried in more than a dozen Northern publications — did more than inform black New Orleans. It gave it a voice.

THE ARTIST: D. Lammie Hanson, WhereYart.net

THE INSPIRATION: “The time has come for all true radicals to make equality a practical thing in Louisiana. Let them have the will; let them be well awaked to the importance and the character of that reform; let them above all, insist upon it, on every occasion and at any time.” — Louis Charles Roudanez, writing in 1870