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Project Description

THE ICON: L.H. Hayward Sr.

THE LEGACY: Without L.H. Hayward and Co., Mondays just wouldn’t be the same in New Orleans. Credit for the idea of first selling red beans in the city goes to Sawyer Hayward, who imported them from the West Indies, where he lived before moving to New Orleans in the 1850s and where it is believed he was first turned on to the glory of the red bean. Credit for the introduction of the company’s Camellia brand of beans goes to L.H. Hayward Jr., who named them after his wife’s favorite flower. But it was L.H. Hayward Sr. — son of Sawyer, father of L.H. Hayward Jr. — who loaned the company his name, taking the reins from his father and steering the business on the path to becoming one of the most noted sellers of what has become a Monday staple in New Orleans, and one of its most beloved (and mouth-watering) culinary traditions.

THE ARTIST: Jeff Morgan

THE INSPIRATION: “What we produce we want to be proud of. It has our name on it, for one thing.” — Vince Hayward, of L.H. Hayward and Co., in a 2013 interview with The Times-Picayune