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Project Description

THE ICON: Isaac Delgado

THE LEGACY: Immigrating from Jamaica in the 1850s, Isaac Delgado would make a fortune in the sugar and molasses business. He would repay the city with a surgical center at Charity Hospital and an art museum in City Park that began as the Delgado Museum of Art, but which is now the beautiful New Orleans Museum of Art. His will established his most enduring legacy, a trade school that opened in 1921. Today, Delgado Community College has nearly 20,000 students.

THE ARTIST: Maddie Stratton,

THE INSPIRATION: “The problem of city life is not its streets, its tenements or its gain, but what is to become of its boys. Give them a chance and a fair chance, and if the boys turn out right, the city will be right and so will all connected with it.” — Isaac Delgado, on the importance of early education