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Project Description

THE ICON: Greg Rusovich

THE LEGACY: When you hear about another nonstop trans-Atlantic flight out of New Orleans, or another cruise company’s decision to make the city one of its stops, chances are Greg Rusovich was involved in making the deal happen. It’s a logical extension of his work as CEO of Transoceanic Development, which ships cargo all over the world from its New Orleans base. But in recent years he’s also made it a point to make a difference on the ground at home. Through ties with such organizations as the Metropolitan Crime Commission, the Port of New Orleans and the coalition Forward New Orleans, Rusovich has emerged as an energetic and driving force in the city’s post-Katrina landscape, doing what he can to help rebuild those things that worked best before the storm — and to reimagine those that didn’t.

THE ARTIST: Jeff Morgan

THE INSPIRATION: “After Katrina, I had a choice to put up or shut up. (New Orleans) was either going to live or die, and I chose to do my part in helping the community that I love rebuild and reform.” — Greg Rusovich, in a 2012 St. Charles Avenue Magazine interview