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Project Description

THE ICON: Germaine Bazzle

THE LEGACY: With her rich voice and exquisite sense of timing, Germaine Bazzle could have been a serious rival to Irma Thomas if she had devoted her life exclusively to singing. But she chose, with no regrets, to teach generations of girls choir and music appreciation at Xavier Prep, continuing until she retired in 2008. The inspiration, she told OffBeat magazine, came from Sister Letitia, one of her teachers, who told her, “You’re going to be a teacher.” Said Bazzle: “It didn’t sound very strange to me because there were teachers in my family… I said, ‘Okay,’ and didn’t think anything of it at all. She saw in me what I am.”

THE ARTIST: Alexandra Kilburn

THE INSPIRATION: “Teaching was what I was supposed to do–the (music) gigs are what I could do. As far as I was concerned, I had the best of both worlds.” — Germaine Bazzle, in a 2015 interview with OffBeat magazine