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Project Description

THE ICON: Dave Dixon

THE LEGACY: By trade, he was an antiques dealer. But Dave Dixon was first and foremost a visionary — and, conveniently, one heck of a salesman. His one and only product: New Orleans. He sold the NFL on bringing a team to New Orleans. He sold the state and its voters on building the Superdome to house that team. He sold Tulane University on the idea of hosting them until the Dome could be finished. And, in the process, he sold the world on the idea of New Orleans as a big-league city. The city’s skyline wouldn’t be the same without Dave Dixon — who is rightfully known as the father of the Superdome — and neither would Sundays in New Orleans.

THE ARTIST: Michael McManus, WhereYart.net

THE INSPIRATION: “My father was a New Orleanian to his toenails. He always said it that way, and believe me he was. He loved this city so much and probably put 75-80 percent of the energy he had in his life into this state. He just loved New Orleans.” — Frank Dixon, in 2012