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Project Description

THE ICON: Brother Martin Hernandez

THE LEGACY: “We are not here to teach boys how to make a living,” educator Brother Martin Hernandez is credited with once saying, “but how to make a life.” For five decades, he did just that, as a teacher and school administrator in New Orleans, as well as in Alabama, Texas, New York and Uganda, and later as a three-term provincial general of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. A local legend in the education field and the namesake of Brother Martin High School, his influence would extend beyond the classroom, including as a key figure in the formation of the New Orleans prep league. He wasn’t a coddler, though. He was a disciplinarian through and through, known for his drill sergeant disposition. Of the thousands of boys whose lives he influenced, few if any would use the word “congenial” to describe him — but, by golly, you’d better believe they could spell it.

THE ARTIST: D. Lammie Hanson

THE INSPIRATION: “If I have done any good in my life, it was done only because God used me as His instrument.” — Brother Martin Hernandez, in his last will and testament