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Project Description

THE ICON: Blaine Kern

THE LEGACY: Close your eyes and picture a Mardi Gras float. Chances are, an image of one of Blaine Kern’s creations just passed through your head. That’s because, while Kern didn’t invent the Carnival float, no single person alive today has played a more key role in their modern-day appearance than Kern has, thanks to his 50-plus years in the float-building business. Artist, dreamer, businessman — he’s all those things, and he’s a typically colorful New Orleans character, to boot. But above all, he is — and always will be — “Mr. Mardi Gras.”

THE ARTIST: Sean Randall,

THE INSPIRATION: “The smartest man who ever lived was Albert Einstein and he said imagination is better than knowledge. I’m not terribly smart. But I’ve got a helluva’n imagination.” — Blaine Kern, in a 2009 interview