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Project Description

THE ICON: Angela Hill

THE LEGACY: When she retired from the WWL-TV anchor desk in 2013, New Orleans broadcasting legend Angela Hill received from former co-worker Dennis Woltering a book about comic-strip reporter Brenda Starr. It couldn’t have been more fitting. For nearly four decades, Hill had been New Orleans’ own Brenda Starr: a glamorous, fearless newswoman who succeeded in what was then a male-dominated industry. She wasn’t a local — she arrived in town from Texas in 1975 — but her blend of warmth and professionalism had viewers soon embracing her as if she was, whether she was anchoring the evening news, reporting from abroad, hosting her own daytime talk show or engaging in a broad array of civic causes. With Hill at the helm, WWL would become a ratings behemoth for decades — and countless young Brenda Starrs would be inspired to dash fearlessly into the TV-news fray.

THE ARTIST: Sean Randall

THE INSPIRATION: “Night after night, Angela was the friend who filled you in. Angela is family.” — WWL-TV anchor Karen Swensen, upon the 2013 retirement of broadcaster Angela Hill