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Project Description

THE ICON: Al Mims Jr.

THE LEGACY: Al Mims Jr. seemed to have a promising career as a boxer and kickboxer until everything changed on Sept. 19, 1987. That was the day his father was shot dead at Bienville and North Galvez streets. Mims lost his taste for the ring, saying he had received a message from God that he should fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. So he turned his energy to trying to stop the violence by speaking out whenever he got the chance and, most conspicuously, by showing up at funerals with placards proclaiming, “No child should be next. Stop the killing,” or, simply, “Enough!”

THE ARTIST: Gabriel Flores

THE INSPIRATION: “Since the unsolved murder of his father decades ago, Brother Mims has relentlessly championed personal responsibility, mentorship and support of law enforcement in places where the lack of such advocacy is a literal matter of life or death. He has shouldered this burden gracefully and energetically with the help of faith and family.” — Nadra Enzi, who works with Mims in Security Within SELF, a crime-prevention group, in a 2016 interview with | The Times-Picayune.